Hero Song Original Soundtrack


I'm Tim Vujicic and I write and record music, sound effects and voice elements. I'm based out of Ontario, Canada and have been working with audio for 15 years.


A variety of different styles to fit a variety of different vibes.

  • The Puppet Queen This track has multiple sections that were originally looped for a D&D encounter where players would progress through a short dungeon, eventually coming to a boss encounter with multiple phases.
  • Crick Hospitality Inspired by a setting called "The Crick" from "Not Another D&D Podcast", this track was written to capture the swampy yet beautiful setting and it's folksey inhabitants.
  • Defend the Defenseless A melancholy yet hopeful begining stares down a looming eldritch threat.
  • Rayguns & Katanas An 8 bit pump-up designed for retro platformers.
  • Autumn Court Regality The introduction of an embattled monarch and the militarized citizens of her castle bustling about ensuring supplies get where they need to go, while soldiers prepare to return to the front.
  • Styled Minimalism Theme song I made for the "Tiny Ambitions" Podcast.
  • Emergent Created using specific samples from Native Instruments "Metropolis" for a trailer scoring contest.


The human instrument, trapped forever... Kind of horrifying if you think about it!

  • Podcast Sample #1 An exerpt from a conversation about games within games!
  • Podcast Sample #2 An exerpt from a discussion about DS9.


Because spaces need to feel alive.

  • Sample #1 A pair of crows try to keep tabs on eachother in a pine forest during a severe winter storm.